Guitar Lessons at Northside Music School in San Antonio, TX
Beginners to Advanced • Learn to Read Sheet Music

Guitar Lessons in San Antonio, TXWe Teach Beginners, Aspiring Professionals and Hobbyists to Play the Guitar at Northside Music School in San Antonio

Our private guitar lessons in San Antonio will not only show students how to play the guitar but how to read sheet music, tune the guitar and more. Our professional guitar teachers will apply the best methods for learning and practicing the guitar so our students will get the maximum results from their private lessons and practice at home. This results in the quickest progress possible.

We offer private lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, jazz guitar and classical guitar.

What Our Students will Learn About Guitar at Our San Antonio Music School

  • Proper methods for chord fingering and position playing
  • Positions of frets
  • Practices for best strumming pattern techniques
  • Ear-training, both for reading music and tuning the guitar
  • Types of chords — open chords, barre chords, extended chords, etc.

We Have Guitars Available for Student Use

While we recommend our students bring their own guitar to the lesson, we have guitars available at our facility for our students to use if they are unable to bring their own. We also sell guitars at our school and can help our students to choose the proper guitar that is best suited to their individual strengths and needs.

Who are Guitar Lessons For?

We encourage students of all ages, skill levels, backgrounds and abilities to take guitar lessons at our San Antonio music school. We have students that range as young as 5 years old and as old as the retirement age. Whether our students are seeking a new pastime or are looking for the serious training they would get at a guitar academy, we would love to welcome you to Northside Music School.

Open 7 Days • Private Lesson Rooms • Students of All Levels & Ages • Established in 1954

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