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Strings Lessons in San Antonio, TXPrivate Violin Lessons with the Best Teachers in San Antonio

Few instruments can evoke the level of tranquility and beauty the way that the violin can. Considered one of the most expressive string instruments, the violin can be a challenging yet rewarding musical endeavor. At Northside Music School, we are ready to help our students start their journey of playing the violin with private lessons offered at our facilities in San Antonio.

Our founder, Robin Abraham, was a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School of Music, helping students of all ages learn the violin since 1954. Our expert faculty is well regarded as some of the best trained and capable teachers of the violin throughout San Antonio and the entire state of Texas.

Violin Students at Northside Music School

  • Our violin students range from 5 years old to retirement age.
  • We teach students of all backgrounds, experiences and interests.
  • While many musical schools will only cater to children, we have a very large number of adult students who take violin lessons in the style of their choosing.

Cello Lessons in San Antonio at Northside Music School

The cello is an instrument that is powerfully expressive in both a solo context and as part of an ensemble. The cello has been a standout piece in some of the most beautiful and haunting music in the classical, pop and jazz formats. We are happy to offer private cello lessons in San Antonio at our music school which is equipped with multiple private lesson rooms and a recital hall.

Cello Students at Northside Music School

  • The violoncello (cello for short) produces some of the most beautiful sounds in classical music.
  • The cello is a solid and mainstay sound found in many types of music. Cello students will find ample opportunities to play with others in orchestras, quartets and many other popular ensembles.
  • Our cello teachers are classically trained and are well equipped to provide our students with the best cello lessons San Antonio has to offer.

Viola Lessons in San Antonio

The viola can often be confused with the violin because of how similar they look. A bit different from its cousin the violin, the viola creates a deeper sound and it plays music written in the alto clef rather than the treble clef. Violas are typically responsible for playing the harmony in musical numbers.

Northside Music School offers private viola lessons in San Antonio for students of all ages. Our skilled teachers utilize fun and innovative methods to help each individual student to develop the technique, ear training, sight reading and music theory desired.

String Lesson Objectives at Northside Music School

  • Proper posture for playing
  • Bowing techniques needed to produce different articulations
  • Hand placement for influencing pitch, tone and volume
  • Ear and sight-reading techniques for harmonics
  • How to tune the violin, cello or viola
  • Performance opportunities at our recital hall on facility

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